From a Wedgwood afternoon tea to a quick snack in the playground, we have something to fill your appetite.

Where to Eat

We have lots of places where you can treat yourself to a grand, lavish meal. Whether you need a light bite or an indulgent afternoon tea, there are a plethora of meal types for everyone.

Cavendish Restaurant – a traditional model restaurant in a serene environment with regular dishes and a perfect selection of wine to complement the meal.

Farm Shop Café – with this, you can sip coffee or tea while feeding your eyes with nature’s assets within the resort.

Food and Drink in the Farmyard – this treat is great for kids. Have a good lunch in the café or snacks at the farmyard. Only open during school holidays!

Looking for where to lodge?

We have a variety of hotels, cottages and inns around Druimardmull that will help you make the most of your visit in comfort and utmost relaxation. Visit our personnel for more information and to book online.