2019 will be a fantastic year with loads of fun and memorable experiences in the house, farmyard, and playground. Book online for free parking.

Let us make sweet memories together in this fantastic season at Druidmardmull. From an exciting program of events to exploring the raw beauty of nature, there’s something for everyone.

We look forward to welcoming you for more exciting and memorable days in 2019.

Easter Fun

Let’s have fun together in the farmyard/playground during the school holidays. The fun extensively stretches from hunting Easter egg hunts all through policing hidden animals in the playground, there are loads of smiles for everyone that comes on board.

Spend your school holidays at Druidmardmull with your family out in the playground and farmyard and make the memories count.

Apart from the series of fun activities in the playground, we have lots of things to offer you throughout the school holidays.

Daily activities start from April 17th except if any change may arise later.

Retail Therapy

Browse our extensive collection of attractive products and accessories that reflect the extraordinary glam of Druimardmull country house.

Shopping – we have a wide variety of beautiful and exclusive products in our store, lots of them inspired by the deep yearning to knit stronger bonds between loved ones.

Gift Shops

Our gift shops give you access to shop for hours, and it may interest you to know that by shopping with us, you are contributing to the Druimardmull House Trust.

Staples Shop – from beautifully curated accessories, pieces of jewelry, handbags, to gifts and books that inspire.

There are lots of available exciting gifts items that reflect the landscape and splendor of Druimardmull country house.

The staple shop is open every day excluding 25 December and 1 January.

• Farmyard Shop – with lots of different toys and books – and a treasure chest of toys for children, there are lots of surprises and inspired gift ideas.

A selection of Druimardmull produce is available to purchase.

We have varieties and designs of framed and unframed prints of your favorite Druimardmull artwork.

Browse the Druimardmull gallery which has over 2,000 items.

We have a wide variety of pictures which ranges from wall art to photo gifts including posters, jigsaw puzzles, canvas prints, and other framed prints. This picture collection can be securely delivered to your doorstep when you place an order.