Welcome to Druimardmull country house.

Druimard House Isle of Mull is a beautifully restored Victorian Country House in Dervaig on the Island of Mull offering bed and breakfast to the highest standards. The house is set on a peaceful hillside and enjoys views over the Glen and River Bellart where it flows into Loch Cuin and out to sea.

The village of Dervaig,one of the prettiest villages on the Isle of Mull, with its traditional stone built cottages, is only a few hundred yards away, there you'll find the oldest pub on Mull serving good food, a quirky coffee /book shop and a friendly Post office store. Just A few miles south at Croig, there is a nice restaurant offering local produce and sea food.

Tobermory, the capital of Mull is about 8 miles. Children are welcome. Sorry, no dogs There are 4 beautifully appointed rooms, with private ensuites, which are stylishly furnished. Many of these rooms command glorious views over the Glen.

Every day at Druimardmull brings something new and entertaining. Whether you want to explore nature’s gift, treat yourself with sumptuous meals or browse the shops, the fun is never drying up.

Our resort offers you merriment, tranquility, space, and comfort. It is situated in four and a half acres of a serene corner with full presence of Mother Nature, ensuring you have a friendly relaxing stay.

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Druidmardmull offers everyone Events. Exciting Experiences. Gift Ideas.

Our best gift ideas

Druidmardmull explores lots of exciting events specially designed for married couples, kids or even the whole family.

Easter Fun

Let’s have fun together in the farmyard/playground during the school holidays. From Easter egg hunts to searching for hidden animals in the playground, there’s so much fun for everyone who will indulge from now.

Entertaining Park Walks

Take in some eye-catching views and live through some captivating stories as you are being led by an expert guide on our fun park walks.

World Party Day

Join us to have moments of endless fun in celebrating private and family moments that are eternally glued to your memory. It will be an exciting time to delight yourself with lots of food and drinks.

National Find A Rainbow Day

National Find a Rainbow Day is a fun tradition that occurs every 3rd April here in the UK. You can join us in this year’s edition at Druidmardmull, to observe National Find a Rainbow Day and have a feel of how rainbows fascinate us.

International Day of Families

It’s another period of fun with family. Join us on 15 May, at Druidmardmull to renew that bond and have great fun and laughter with your family. The International Day of Families provides an opportunity to highlight issues relating to the family.